Flight of The Phoenix

Two Birds and One Stone

Back at the Endor base everyone had some additional RnR.

Both Kale and Tyris were pulled aside by Huon to discuss matters of the force.

Picket revelled in his new found hero ship amongst the Ewoks.

Tamolin discussed the future with Paylee and offered her an official role within Tamolin’s new House of Companions as a bodyguard.

Tamolin was contacted by Lando for a meeting. Tamolin brought Paylee along in her new role. Lando seemed quite enthused that two women had turned up but only was only slightly put out when he was informed that Paylee was simply there in a protective measure. Lando and Tamolin discussed the future of the House of Companions and offered her the use of some of his contacts in exchange for companionship and 1.5% of profits. The deal was struck and finalised over the next few hours.

Paylee meanwhile left to grab a drink and a bite to eat where she ran in to Goram Bru.

In the morning everyone packed themselves into the new Nightingale and jumped back to Sluis Van. Tamolin briefly waved to her contacts that she had arrived and was directed to Docking bay 42. The crew circumvented security and entered Sluis Van unchecked and more importantly unregistered.

In the docking bay they were met by a woman from Tamolin’s new Chapter House and promptly escourted to the house proper. Huon questioned their destination and was told that they were going somewhere safe. He voiced his trust and followed. At the house everyone was shown to their quarters while Tamolin and the Matron spoke at great lengths regarding the troubles and plans for the house. Tamolin was told that Camolin (a lieutenant of Janek) was harassing the house for protection moneys. He had set up his own “house” and demanded that they join.

Tyris left the house to gather some of his hidden equipment with Picket following. It turns out that his contact was none other than Trundor. After a discussion Tyris found out that Trunder had had dealings with the crew previously. He boasted that he was a wingman of and better pilot than Kale Race. He mistrusted all ewoks and greatly feared the crazy woman with them. Picket took the opportunity to do some of his own style of trading with Trundor and swapped his Datapad with a shell he found on a beach. With the location of his stash Tyris left. Finding the correct locker turned out to be very easy but leaving with the goods was a different story. When he opened the locker two droids popped out and attacked. It was with luck that Picket had followed him and assisted in dispatching them.

While this occurred Back at the house Tamolin struck a deal with Paylee to become Tamolin’s employee. Kale joined in but declined to join as his first priorities lay with the Rebel Alliance. Tamolin returned to her discussions with the Matron.

need help on filling this bit out as i missed a lot of the discussion regarding Tyris’s return

Tamolin found the rest of the crew going over some droid components that had seen better days. It was discovered that the Driods sent to kill Tyris came from Camolin. The very man who threaten the new Chapter House.

Fate revealed her hand and cemented the crew together in their goals.

Huon needed to gain access to his previous house and office to get the information he hid there previous to his capture and imprisonment. However his unit was under very heavy surveillance. It was proposed that they deal with the two missions in a single action. After much discussion the plan developed.

Tyris went back to Trunder armed with a duplicate of his Datapad. He found him locked in a cupboard trembling in fear. The crew found out that Trundor had booked passage away from Sluis Van in 12 hours time. This worked greatly in the crews favour. Tamolin used the information gathered by the House to blackmail the 2IC Security officer in charge of survallince of Huon’s unit. The the guise of a badly scrambled Trundor, Tamolin secured a three minute delay for calls of backup by the imperial guards. Tamolin then transformed herself in to the guise of Camolin. The aim was to have Camolin be seen as betraying the Empire. This should in turn gain them enough pressure to leave the House alone.

Kale piloted a stolen Airspeeder with the masked crew and Huon to the locale. With great skill Kale took the speeder up the side of the building. Missiles launched and exploded as the speeder crashed through Huon’s window almost taking out the two armed troopers inside. Paylee tossed a genade and dispatched both troopers. With the inside guards taken care of, Kale took the Speeder back outside and along the wall to the Huon’s office. Crashing through another window he parked the speeder inside. Huon lept out and ran over to his safe informing the crew he needed at least half a minute to open the various doors.

The lift informed the crew that someone was on their way up. Kale jumped out and attempted to disable the lifts. Unfortunately he was locked out of the system. Paylee timed the lift perfectly and threw a thermal detonator down the hall. The following explosion disabled the doors.

In the brief quiet the crew heard a familiar snap-hiss and a red glowing blade pierced the lift doors. Kale then climbed back in to the speeder and turning it around backed it against the doorway to the lift. Girirf Candorbar ripped open the door as another of Paylee’s grenades exploded just in front of him. Tyris gathered himself and went to face his enemy igniting his own lightsaber. Glowing blades crossed and blows were struck and both sides. The crew tried to help Tyris in dispatching Girif as they knew just how deadly he can be. Kale acrobatically leapt in to the fray with a snap-hiss of his own. Girif twirled ina gracefull dance as he struck both kale and Tyris.

The rest of the crew spotted a nother familiar airspeeder approaching them. Yelling to Tyris and Kale to withdraw so they could escape. Tyris slammed Girif to the ground using the force allowing both him and Kale to get back in to the speeder. Kale took the opportunity to leap using Girif’s head as a springboard. He then jumped in to the pilot seat and pulled the thrusters. Payee took careful aim and blasted Girif in the head to make sure he would stay down for good. Huon watched in horror as he witness the brutality of the crew against his own son.

The other Airspeeder gave chase but Kale quickly managed to loose them in the maze of Sluis Van.

The crew limped their way back to the House.



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