Sluis Van

Sluis Van is the primary planet in the Sluis sector of the Outer Rim Territories and the homeworld of the Sluissi race.

It is the site of an extensive deep-space docking facility and shipyard, the largest and most impressive in the area. The docking station is defended by perimeter battle stations, while the shipyards were managed by an outer system defense network as well as the Sluis Control. The leader of Sluis Van was called a khedive.

The Sluissi were long supporters of the Galactic Republic, with Sluis Van being home to a vital network of Republic shipyards that were destroyed by the Sith during the Great Galactic War. Millennia later, during the final years of the Republic, they became disgusted with the Galactic Senate whom they blamed as being massively corrupt and causing galaxy-wide injustice.

Sluis Van seceded from the republic shortly before the Clone Wars. During the Wars, Sluis Van was a Separatist stronghold. At the end of the Clone Wars, Sluis Van, as well as many other Confederate worlds were besieged by Republic forces, but Sluis Van held off the Republic. However, the civilians didn’t fare well, as mass-starvation broke out on the planet as a result of the Outer Rim Sieges.

The Galactic Empire took control of the planet following the end of the Wars, and was never popular. Despite the Sluis Van Congregate not wanting to cut all connections to the Empire, being as it was one of their largest shipyard clients

Since The destruction of the second Death Star Sluis Van has seen a large rise in dissent and violence as the world and it’s all important shipyards teeter on the brink of outright rebellion.

Despite this Imperial response has been minimal. The empire is just to far stretched and still reeling from recent losses to contain every storm that errupts across the galaxy

Sluis Van

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