Flight of The Phoenix

In the begining

Talon Kardee’s right hand man, Aves, requested our presence. Tamolin Cubri together with Fay (3PO unit) and Picket we were introduced to Pay-Lee a Human female Mercinary. He needed to get a prototype ship and its pilot back from Jarek.

Jarek was a rogue who liked women and the security of working with the empire.

We were pointed to a Sulstan named Trundor who knew of Jareks where abouts. Using skills unique to ourselves we convinced … to take us to Jarek. On the way he ran into some old buddies of his who wanted revenge. Taking care of them we proceeded to Jarek’s.

Again using our unique abilities we made our way into the office of Jarek where he was meeting with a fat empirial Captain and his uptight Lieutenant. The Lieutenant caught on to the fact that we were hiding something and Pay-Lee divulged that we were in fact after the ship and the pilot. The pilot Jarek could not help us with as he had already turned him over to the Empirials but the ship he would sell to us for a small sum of 300,000 credits. Talon had already provided us with ample funds to purchase the ship with and this sum was agreed to. Half now and half once we were free and clear. Fay transfered the funds over.

On the way to take ownership on the Modified Skipboat Pay-Lee questioned how the Lieutenant came to be posted under the Captain.

missed a bit of the conversation here

The Lieutenant fired on the Captain killing him instantly. He then ran to the Empirial shuttle that was already powered up and the blaster fight broke out. Only the Lieutenant adn his pilot managed to escape. we took the Skipboat and after blowing a whole in the side of Jarek’s offices followed the shuttle in to orbit. We had manage to capture an Ensign with the Skipbat who told us the transmission codes to contact the “Badger”, the Empirial ship the pilot had been taken to. On the way Tamolin impersonated the Captain and told the ship to arrest the Lieutenant for treason and muitany. The Lieutenant had by that time taken over the “Badger” already. Meanwhile an Emirial Customs Corvette had turned up. We debated whether to take on the Corvette or go for the “Badger”. We ended up going for the “Badger” who captured us in its tractor beam. On request we powered down the ship and droids (In hind sight we did not need to power down the droids) and we taken in to the hold of the Badger.

Troopers and officers lined up to swarm the ship as soon as it landed. We prepared ourselves as the best we could with Picket hidding in one of the lockers with his blaster ready. The doors opened and Pay-Lee threw a grenade out in to the troops. initaiting the battle. It did not go quite as planned. We ended up taking them all out and using the Ion Cannons on the boat we took out the electronics of the Badger. THis in turn caused the Artifical gravity to stop. The Lieutenant had ordered the self destruct and to abandon ship. Tamolin leapt out in to the zero gee enviroment and found the pilot in his cell. She managed to get him back in time. We escaped the Badger just as it exploded only to face more imperial ships releasing TIE fighters.

The Pilot just woke up.


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