Flight of The Phoenix

Two Birds and One Stone

Back at the Endor base everyone had some additional RnR.

Both Kale and Tyris were pulled aside by Huon to discuss matters of the force.

Picket revelled in his new found hero ship amongst the Ewoks.

Tamolin discussed the future with Paylee and offered her an official role within Tamolin’s new House of Companions as a bodyguard.

Tamolin was contacted by Lando for a meeting. Tamolin brought Paylee along in her new role. Lando seemed quite enthused that two women had turned up but only was only slightly put out when he was informed that Paylee was simply there in a protective measure. Lando and Tamolin discussed the future of the House of Companions and offered her the use of some of his contacts in exchange for companionship and 1.5% of profits. The deal was struck and finalised over the next few hours.

Paylee meanwhile left to grab a drink and a bite to eat where she ran in to Goram Bru.

In the morning everyone packed themselves into the new Nightingale and jumped back to Sluis Van. Tamolin briefly waved to her contacts that she had arrived and was directed to Docking bay 42. The crew circumvented security and entered Sluis Van unchecked and more importantly unregistered.

In the docking bay they were met by a woman from Tamolin’s new Chapter House and promptly escourted to the house proper. Huon questioned their destination and was told that they were going somewhere safe. He voiced his trust and followed. At the house everyone was shown to their quarters while Tamolin and the Matron spoke at great lengths regarding the troubles and plans for the house. Tamolin was told that Camolin (a lieutenant of Janek) was harassing the house for protection moneys. He had set up his own “house” and demanded that they join.

Tyris left the house to gather some of his hidden equipment with Picket following. It turns out that his contact was none other than Trundor. After a discussion Tyris found out that Trunder had had dealings with the crew previously. He boasted that he was a wingman of and better pilot than Kale Race. He mistrusted all ewoks and greatly feared the crazy woman with them. Picket took the opportunity to do some of his own style of trading with Trundor and swapped his Datapad with a shell he found on a beach. With the location of his stash Tyris left. Finding the correct locker turned out to be very easy but leaving with the goods was a different story. When he opened the locker two droids popped out and attacked. It was with luck that Picket had followed him and assisted in dispatching them.

While this occurred Back at the house Tamolin struck a deal with Paylee to become Tamolin’s employee. Kale joined in but declined to join as his first priorities lay with the Rebel Alliance. Tamolin returned to her discussions with the Matron.

need help on filling this bit out as i missed a lot of the discussion regarding Tyris’s return

Tamolin found the rest of the crew going over some droid components that had seen better days. It was discovered that the Driods sent to kill Tyris came from Camolin. The very man who threaten the new Chapter House.

Fate revealed her hand and cemented the crew together in their goals.

Huon needed to gain access to his previous house and office to get the information he hid there previous to his capture and imprisonment. However his unit was under very heavy surveillance. It was proposed that they deal with the two missions in a single action. After much discussion the plan developed.

Tyris went back to Trunder armed with a duplicate of his Datapad. He found him locked in a cupboard trembling in fear. The crew found out that Trundor had booked passage away from Sluis Van in 12 hours time. This worked greatly in the crews favour. Tamolin used the information gathered by the House to blackmail the 2IC Security officer in charge of survallince of Huon’s unit. The the guise of a badly scrambled Trundor, Tamolin secured a three minute delay for calls of backup by the imperial guards. Tamolin then transformed herself in to the guise of Camolin. The aim was to have Camolin be seen as betraying the Empire. This should in turn gain them enough pressure to leave the House alone.

Kale piloted a stolen Airspeeder with the masked crew and Huon to the locale. With great skill Kale took the speeder up the side of the building. Missiles launched and exploded as the speeder crashed through Huon’s window almost taking out the two armed troopers inside. Paylee tossed a genade and dispatched both troopers. With the inside guards taken care of, Kale took the Speeder back outside and along the wall to the Huon’s office. Crashing through another window he parked the speeder inside. Huon lept out and ran over to his safe informing the crew he needed at least half a minute to open the various doors.

The lift informed the crew that someone was on their way up. Kale jumped out and attempted to disable the lifts. Unfortunately he was locked out of the system. Paylee timed the lift perfectly and threw a thermal detonator down the hall. The following explosion disabled the doors.

In the brief quiet the crew heard a familiar snap-hiss and a red glowing blade pierced the lift doors. Kale then climbed back in to the speeder and turning it around backed it against the doorway to the lift. Girirf Candorbar ripped open the door as another of Paylee’s grenades exploded just in front of him. Tyris gathered himself and went to face his enemy igniting his own lightsaber. Glowing blades crossed and blows were struck and both sides. The crew tried to help Tyris in dispatching Girif as they knew just how deadly he can be. Kale acrobatically leapt in to the fray with a snap-hiss of his own. Girif twirled ina gracefull dance as he struck both kale and Tyris.

The rest of the crew spotted a nother familiar airspeeder approaching them. Yelling to Tyris and Kale to withdraw so they could escape. Tyris slammed Girif to the ground using the force allowing both him and Kale to get back in to the speeder. Kale took the opportunity to leap using Girif’s head as a springboard. He then jumped in to the pilot seat and pulled the thrusters. Payee took careful aim and blasted Girif in the head to make sure he would stay down for good. Huon watched in horror as he witness the brutality of the crew against his own son.

The other Airspeeder gave chase but Kale quickly managed to loose them in the maze of Sluis Van.

The crew limped their way back to the House.

The Ewok Interlude

Once everyone had returned the Alliance informed them that they needed them again. Huon had to go back to Sluis Van as soon as he could. He would be ready to leave the next day.

Picket told everyone that he had heard that some Ewoks had been taken away and were held as slaves by what was left of the Imperial presence on the moon of Endor. Unanimously the crew agreed to help these ewoks. Kale requisitioned a land transport vehicle and we all meet at the ewok village where Picket heard the news. He lead us to the base of a mountain range where some cave were discovered. The mouth of one cave had been sealed with blast doors. We had found the place. Picket and Kale took up position either side of the doors while Paylee, Tyris and Tamolin stayed in the tank and approached the doors. Two gun turrets popped up and started firing at the tank. Paylee fired back destroying one. Picket took the remaining one out with guns akimbo.

Tamolin suggested waiting for whoever was inside to come out rather than attempt to break the doors down. It turned out to be sound advise as the doors soon opened. Out strode two AT-PT’s. The battle started with one being quickly destroyed while Kale majestically lept on the top of the other one and shot the driver. The crew now had an AT=PT under their control. Could they be stopped at all?

With the Tank unable to fit inside the tunnels the AT-PT driven by Kale and Picket, lead the way with Paylee, Tyris and Tamolin following. Not far inside they met the first of the resistance. The AT=PT opened fire and Tyris did something that caused the large gun to leap off its tripod and land at his feet.

The tunnel way split soon after that with each side passage barricaded by more troopers. After Tyris used some unknown power and stole a loaded missile launcher the battle was quickly over. Moving forward the tunnel opened up into a huge room. Inside sat a large transport ship and two more AT-PT’s supported by many more troopers. The battle did not last long as Kale and Picket laid waste to their defences. Tyris ran forward and dispatched well placed blaster shots. One storm trooper survived. He was taken prisoner and the crew used the transport to take the AT-PT back to the Alliance.


With everyone back on board the Phoenix and the newly freed prisoners packed in the cargo hold. The crew laid in the course and punched the Hyperdrive.

The ship rocked from a massive explosion. Something went wrong and the engine room was left in chaos. Tamolin quickly went to the prisoners to keep them calm. The last thing they needed was panic in a very confined space. Barysten managed to get the fire under control and enter the engine room. What he discovered rocked the crew again.

Sabotage. Someone had set a device to explode as soon as the Hyperdrive was activated. Kale and Paylee quickly searched the rest of the ship in an effort to locate more of these devices. Barysten and SoK-T got to work on repairing the drive the best they could. Paylee as Tamolins request worked the sensors to see if any ships were approaching. She reasoned that if some one went to the effort of stopping the ship then they also had summoned someone to pick them up. With the ship a virtual sitting duck any attaching force would take them over with ease.

While the search took place Tamolin spoke to some of the prisoners to see if she could find out who placed these devices while Picket kept an eye on them. Most of the prisoners mentioned rumours of brothers who collaborated with the guards back in the prison and pointed to a weasel of a man and his very large brother. Tamolin pulled the weasel aside to see if she could find out any additional information from him. She was not successful and he was released back in to the crowd.

Kale meanwhile had found a discarded Datapad in the rubbish pile. It had been completed destroy so no data could be retrieved from it. Using the ships security cameras they found that an R2 droid had been wondering the ship almost undetected. There were places were the R2 unit had not been recorded. Kale and Paylee located the droid and found its memory had been erased. Whoever had done this knew their way around and how to work very quickly. Kale and Paylee found more devices.

Tamolin briefly spoke to Huon honestly about the situation. Huon assisted where he could but was not trusted enough to be spoken to. Tamolin did spot one prisoner who was acting very suspiciously. She approached Tyris and ask him what he knew about the devices. Like the other prisoners he told of rumours about the brothers.

Tamilon asked Picket to herd the weasel man back in to a new room for further questioning. She went back to her room and changed in to the uniform of an Imperial Officer. Her idea was to confuse the weasel in to blurting out information. However she never got back to the prisoner.

Kale did find one more device in the cockpit of his V-Wing fighter. The ships alarms shrieked out while Paylee was in the bridge. She saw a large Imperial Frigate jump out of Hyperspace and launch fighters and heavy transport shipsYelling down the coms units we all had she informed the crew. Luckily Kale was in a position to get his fighter in to the fray quickly. Tamolin jumped to the bridge (still in her Imperial uniform) and help Paylee fight them off using the ships weapons. Barysten kept repairing the Hyperdrive and let everyone know he needed just a little while longer to fix it. The crew needed to keep the Imperials off the Phoenix. Kale flew right in to the maw of the fighters and took a quite a few of them out. His reputation as one of the best pilots was proven like never before. However tractor beams locked onto the Phoenix stopping it from leaving the area. Together Taomlin and Paylee destroyed one of the transport vessels spreading troopers across the black void. But it was a fruitless effort as more fighters and transports left the looming Frigate. There was no fighting them off. They would be captured, unless Barysten fixed the Hyperdrive in time. Tamolin quickly programmed a hyperump in the nav-computer. Kale received a copy of the co-ordinates. One transport managed to dock onto the Phoenix and started to cut its way in. Tamolin, in the guise of an Imperial Officer, got Paylee to lock her in one of the rooms so she might have a chance of finding a way to free everyone else later.

While this happened another Prisoner Tyris spoke to the weasel’s brother and found out that it was in fact them who placed the bombs. Tamolin heard Tyris’s voice in her mind stating exactly that.

Storm troopers swarmed inside the ship. Kale told the prisoners to cram themselves in to the escape pods. He had a plan. He looped around the Phoenix evading the chasing Tie Fighter while the crew onboard closed as many of the airtight doors as possible. This in turn delayed the Storm Troopers from taking the ship too quickly and sealed the air in the crews and prisoners areas. Tamolin unfortunately while faking unconsciousness had been discovered by the Troopers and a medic was going over her. The door was open. Kale blew a hole in the Imperial transport vessel. The deep void of space sucked the air from both the Transport and the areas the troopers had secured. Tamolin managed to hold herself in the room while all the troopers were sucked out. She locked the rooms door again sealing what little air was left. The ships life support kicked back in to fill it. Barysten had repaired the Hyperdrive and activated it once more escaping the closing claws of the Empire once more.

The bad news to this was that the Imperial transport was still attached to the Phoenix. The jump to Hyperspace tore it off and the torment of Hyperspace ripped a great hole on the underside of the Phoenix. Back in normal space Barysten believed that the ship could handle the two more jumps it took to get to Endor. We took the risk and made the jumps. Each tore the whole larger and larger. With each jump the chance that Tamolin, who was stuck in the room, would be engulfed by space. She was greatly relieved when they entered the Endor System. Once in the dry dock she left the room by way of a small temporary airlock.

Lando greeted the crew and welcomed them back to safety. The Rebel Alliance was very pleased to have Huon back and as payment for services they would be repairing the Phoenix free of charge. Tamolin agreed to this.

Some RnR was now called for.

Each went their separate ways.

Please add what each of you did in this area.

Tamolin mainly spoke with Lando and received delivery of the Nightingale. The new ship that Lando agree to provide Tamolin for services and information.

Tamolin approached Tyris and after a brief discussion offered him a place aboard the Phoenix.

The Darkness Rises

The crew arrived at Recopia, a virtually barren core world planet that is strategicaly placed between the Corellian Trade Spine and the Hydian Way.
they handed over the captured crew from the escape pods. Tamolin Cubri sort out fellow women of her profession and spoke about a guild that is starting up under control of someone she knew. There was some interest.
Together with Lando they met with Jedi Master Skywalker. Talon Karde was also present.
they reported the events and the knowledge of this new Dark Force user to Jedi Skywalker. He seemed very interested in the news.
However more pressing matters needed our attention.
they were requested (and Talon offered us a total of 150k credits) to locate and recover the now missing Sluissi Congregete Huon Candonbar.
After the meeting Tamolin approached Talon about the guild that she was starting up. They spoke about how Talon could provide sercurity when required in exchange for payment in information.
The Republic had received news that a new Moff (a Sluissi named Carnassis) had presented himself in the Sluis Van Sector.
It was reported that this new Moff had captured Huon Candonbar and sent him off to Kessel. The transport never arrived.
they had been tasked with infiltrating the celbrations of the new Moff to find out where the transport had been sent. Also they were informed that the Moff had an advisor named Rolf that no-one was able to gain any knowledge of.
The republic had been able to obtain an invitation to the party. They also found out that he had a ‘taste’ for female Tw’licks.
they were to meet up with an agent who could provide us with more accurate information of the journey to Sluis Van. they were slightly amused to find out it was our friendly Slustan Trundor.
Meanwhile Paylee spoke with Goram Bru who had expessed his interest in a new job offer as XO on a newly commissioned Republic ship. Paylee discussed this with the rest of the crew who ulimatly let him go. Paylee asked him if he knew of anyone who he could trust to be his replacement. He mentioned a girl named Kiara Salycon on Sluis Van that he had previously worked with.
Once the Pheonix had been restocked by a very happy Barysten Hibs (a total of 15k of credits had been given to him to akcomplish this).
The trip to Sluis Van passed fairly uneventful. Trundor exclaimed that he was an exelent pilot and Kale Race proptly disproved him during a Hyperdrive recharge stop. Barrysten changed the invitation to appear as a Tw’lick delegate and her companion. Barrysten’s responce was that none of us are Tw’licks. Tamolin then upped his pay to 6k if he would keep quiet about what he was about to see. She then changed her appearance in to that of a Tw’lick. Gobsmacked he altered the forms.
Once they had arrived at Sluis Van everyone went their seperate ways while waiting for the party to begin the next evening. Tamolin sent out requests for an audience with the Moff but was declined as she knew she would be. She then sort out fellow people (both men and women) of her profession to express the idea of the guild. This time she was met with a great deal of interest when the security arrangements were mentioned. One Madam there spoke of a house that could be used as a temporary headquaters on Sluis Van. Paylee approach Kiara Salycon and found out that she is an aide for an Empire respresentative. She also pilots the occasional shuttle.
With a small 4 seater Air speader they were provided with they dressed up and proceeded to the party. Moff Carnassis’ palace was an impressive place. The fake invitations passed all examination and they were allowed in to the party. Tamolin (as a Tw’ick) and Paylee entered the party and quickly drew appealing glances. Tamolin subltly attempted to draw Carnassis’ attention. She noticed that Rolf was watching her intently. Paylee meanwhile found Kiara and spoke with her. Tamolin they mingled with the crowd striking up conversations and gaining information. She very sublty found some potenially new clients of her own.
Carnassis approached her to find out what she was interested in meeting hmi about. Here they spoke of a “cousin” that Tamolin had that could bring a great deal of embarasment to her. She wanted to speak to the Moff about ways that they may be able to help each other out. Carnassis left with the promise to discuss the details in his chamber later that night. Rolf then holted Tamolins departure and questioned her about her intentions. She acted up the nervousness that most people felt under his gaze. She passed his tests but he kept his eye on her as the night continued.
While this was happening Kale and Picket had driven around to the speeder parking area. When they were out of sight Kale quickly drove the speeder up to the top balcony of the palace hoping to be able to gain access inside. Both leapt out and Kale remotely drove the speeder to the assigned area almost gaining the attention of the droid guards posted on watch. Kale managed to bypass some of the security systems. they then not so deftly entered via a window setting of an alarm in the process. Kale quickly gained access to the security systems againand turned the alarm off. But not before alerting the driod guards. Hearing them approach Picket hid in a closet while Kale opened a panel and crept under the bed. Two driods entered the room scanned the area and on finding nothing one left the room. The remaining droid sat on the bed to make sure the room was secure, with Picket and Kale stuck in the room.
later in the evening Paylee discussed what she had learnt of Kiara’s plight. Her brother Rayne Salycon was being transported on the same vessel as Houn. Tamolin said that they should leave early to see what they can do. Carnassis tied up the evening and approached Tamolin about their “discussion”. Rolf howeer advised Carnassis agianst it as he did not trust this Tw’lick. Tamolin managed to convince Rolf that she was harmless and mearly wanted to discuss some private issue with Carnassis. Carnassis, looking forward to the “discussion” over ruled Rolf and escorted Tamolin to his quarters were Kale and Picket were hidden. With the room emptied, much to Kale and Picket’s relief, Tamolin went to work n gaining the information on were Huon Candonbar was sent. this took a fair amount of time and acting on Taomlins behalf and a great deal on patients on Kale and Pickets.
With Carnassis tied up and unconscious Tamolin let Kale and Picket out the same window they came in. They they proceeded to get the speeder and drive around the front. Tamolin again met Rolf outside the Moff’s quarters where he again questioned her. She again passed whatever test he had and left the building to be driven away by Kale.

going to need some input here as I missed a lot of the conversation Paylee had with Kiara

Back at the ship the crew together with Kiara went over the information gained. The ship that was transporting Huon Candonbar and Rayne Salycon was on cource to Kessel but had crashed in an asteroid belt just off the planet Dagobar. The ship somehow survive the impact but was stranded on the asteroid. The crew managed to stablise the vessel and keep it on the rock. Carnassis was quite please with the outcome as he now had a prison where no one would look. The perfect place for any political prisoners he had, such as Huon Candonbar. Kiara told the crew that she could get access to an impiral shuttle and the codes required to get in the prison. They then agreed to meet in orbit around Dagobar.
The ships met without issue and once docked Kale, Picket, Paylee and Tamolin boarded the old shuttle Kiara had aquired. They quickly went over the plan to board the ship under the guise of an unschedualed shipment of goods and take out the few guards there, release the prisoners and escape to the Pheonix.
This did not quite go to plan.
Approaching the field they saw just how bad it looked. While Kale had run a few simluations on piloting through the field it still looked quite bad. The prison hailed them and Tamolin in the guise of Bru as of imperial officer, with the help of Kale gave the requested codes and was told that the had to fly through part of the asteroid field before their tractor beam could clear the way for them. “Not a problem” they responded. Having one of the best pilots the crew knew of, Kale piloted the shuttle with ease throught the field. The prison guards then cleared the way for the shuttle to board. Once on board Tamolin spoke to the guards welcoming comittie and requested help in unloading the vessel. Grudgingly yhe guard got more of them to help. As soon as they appeared the Crew opened fire on them. Kale stunned one while everyone else killed the guards. Kale was not at all pleased in the reckless killing of unarmed people dispite them being imerial personel. Moving further into the prison they met with little resistance until the jail cells themselves. these were guarded by two IG-100 Magnaguard droids. After a brief battle the droids were rended inoperable and they gained access to the cells. The crew was then informed by Huon Candonbar that the others had been taken away just recently. They then went to escorted the prisoner back to the shuttle. Meanwhile Paylee and Picket had searched the rest of the prison for the reamining crew. They managed to lock two in a room but found out that two fighter-class vessels had docked while they were battling the droids. Paylee quickly informed the crew. Kale with Huon and Rayne Salycon ran and met Paylee and Picket at the second docking bay where the shuttle docked. The fighters being in the first. Before them stood Rolf unaware of the crew. They promptly opened fire on him and servely wounded him. Behind them they heard the signature snap-hiss of a lightsaber. Turning the saw Huon’s son Girif Candobar. Then Rolf’s own lighsaber ignited and the battle was on. the crew focused their fire on Rolf as he seemed to be the more dangerous of the two. During the battle Rolf threw arcs of blue-white lightning at the crew and at Huon. Huon somehow obsorbed the stirkes and used some of his own powers agains the Dark Forces users. With battle going for the crew and Rolf mortally wounded Girif fled to his fighter and escaped. Rolf meanwhile activated a device on his arm and his fighter came to his rescue stopping just inside field of the docking bay. Using some forsaken powers Rolf managed to board his fighter and escape.
The crew shaken and wounded themselves took the prisoners and the broken IG-100 droids back to the Pheonix leaving the Imperial shuttle to be destroyed amoungst the Asteroid shield.

Enter the Race
The pilot finally wakes up and the team is sent to rescue a Sluissi

After waking up floating in a bacta tank, with very little reccollection of how he got there Kale was taken to meet the people who had rescued him.

After some fairly brief introductions, Talon Karde requested their assitance once again. The son of a prominent Sluissi had been abducted and would only be returned for the payment of a large sum of credits and the father’s withdrawl of support for the Galactic Alliance. He was being held on Nar Shardaa and the group was to meet up with the infamous Lando Calrissian, whom they would also transfer the X-Ray to.

The group was lacking a pilot and Kale was happy to help, especially in a task that would help the Alliance. As the The Phoenix didn’t have the onboard docking space for the X-Ray, Kale said he would take it into orbit, as he had already customised it to his liking on his last outing. When in orbit they would dock the ships together and travel through hyperspace. The launch and docking went without a hitch and the group decided to avoid the Imperial patrols on the direct route to Nar Shardaa and try their luck through the asteroid fields just outside the Nar Shardaa system.

The jumps before the asteroid field went smoothly and Kale had a chance to get to know the rest of the crew a little better, after waiting out the intial curiosity of the ewok, Picket, they seemed to get on quite well, though Pay-Lee is a little to serious…

It was decided that they would probably be most effective if Kale piloted his V-wing throguh the last jump into the asteroid field. It turned out to be a good decision, because as the ships dropped out of hyperspace they picked up a number of starships ahead and a distress signal coming from a cargo ship that was under attack by a group of pirates. The group made short work of the pirates and managed to capture one and his Z-95 headhunter. When the pilot awoke he made it clear that he was a member of the Dark Serpent gang and that the group had made a powerful enemy. Not wanting to listen to his ranting kale took a blaster, set it to stun, and shut him up.

The rest of the trip was uneventful and the group docked at the shipyards on Nar Shardaa. Meeting with Lando the group received instructions to get in contact with the group who had taken the Sluissi and went about making the neccesary preperations.

The group went to the meeting where they were given an address, not happy with the location they organised to have it held in a different location. Agreeing to meet at a deli on a mid-level of the city, the group hired a speeder and went to the meeting site.

Picket exited the speeder before they got to the site and approached on foot with Tamolin’s droid. Kale activated his comm-link for Fay to record the interaction with the group, as Pay-Lee wanted to attempt to persuade the captive pilot that he should join the group. After entering the building they were met by a shadowy figure who requested the money. The figure immediately recognised the credit chip for the fake it was and then revealed himself as none other than the Sluissi the group was sent to rescue. Forcing all of the group to sit with Force mind-trick, he told them of his disdain for the Alliance and how the whole abduction was a ruse to get his father to remove his support.

The group was throw into a cell next to Barysten Hibs and his droid S0KT (Socket). All this was heard by Picket and Fay, Picket decided to attempt a daring rescue. Meanwhile Kale and Barysten had figured out a way to allow Socket to bypass the jamming in the cells and get the access codes for the cell release.

Picket snuck around the back of the building and managed to find a smal window to sneak into the building. He made his way in and seeing the guard of the cells, took him out silently with a blaster set to stun. Picket made his way into the cell room and with a little help was able to enter the codes that Socket had discovered and let everyone out. The group quickly made it’s way to the store room and gathered their equipment. They saw out the window that the dark Force-user was leaving. Though just after his speeder took off a troop carrier showed up and a couple of gammoreans got out and were told to go get the prisoners. Tamolin disguised herself as the stunned guard and attempted to convince the guys coming to pick up the prisoners that they had escaped. The rest of the group was hidden in the closet and the Captain of the guards wanted to check in there. It ended messily for him. The group made a quick retreat through the window and hijacked the troop carrier.

Blocking the exit from the building with the speeder Kale took off over the buildings as soon as everyone was aboard. As he was taking off two speeder bikes took off in persuit. Kale managed to lose the bikes and found the speeder the force using Sluissi was in. Doing a daring loop to get behind the speeder the other members of the group attempted to shoot out the windows so they could get some grenades in the window. They managed to get one in, though there was a small amount of collateral damage. The Sluissi jumped from the wrecked speeder and onto the groups speeder, igniting his lightsaber he began cutting into the roof. Kale, not really wanting snakes on his motherf*ckin’ speeder, Barysten excepted, turned the speeder on its side and flew the top mere inches from a building, the Sluissi managed to jump clear, and before Kale could bring the speeder around for another pass, jumped to a lower level of the city.

The group decided to report the news to Lando. Lando decided it was best to let Master Skywalker know about the events that had transpired here. Not wasting anytime the group and Lando took off towards the Core Worlds. On one of their hyperspace stops the group ran into an old friend, Jarek. The group made short work on the enemy ships with Kale displying his dogfighting mastery by taking out two enemy starfighters in a matter of seconds. The group gathered the escape pods that had jettisoned and resumed its journey to the Core Worlds, though Jarek had managed to escape again.

Place-holder 2nd Adventure
I wasn't there so someone else can write it, I'm just keeping them in order


In the begining

Talon Kardee’s right hand man, Aves, requested our presence. Tamolin Cubri together with Fay (3PO unit) and Picket we were introduced to Pay-Lee a Human female Mercinary. He needed to get a prototype ship and its pilot back from Jarek.

Jarek was a rogue who liked women and the security of working with the empire.

We were pointed to a Sulstan named Trundor who knew of Jareks where abouts. Using skills unique to ourselves we convinced … to take us to Jarek. On the way he ran into some old buddies of his who wanted revenge. Taking care of them we proceeded to Jarek’s.

Again using our unique abilities we made our way into the office of Jarek where he was meeting with a fat empirial Captain and his uptight Lieutenant. The Lieutenant caught on to the fact that we were hiding something and Pay-Lee divulged that we were in fact after the ship and the pilot. The pilot Jarek could not help us with as he had already turned him over to the Empirials but the ship he would sell to us for a small sum of 300,000 credits. Talon had already provided us with ample funds to purchase the ship with and this sum was agreed to. Half now and half once we were free and clear. Fay transfered the funds over.

On the way to take ownership on the Modified Skipboat Pay-Lee questioned how the Lieutenant came to be posted under the Captain.

missed a bit of the conversation here

The Lieutenant fired on the Captain killing him instantly. He then ran to the Empirial shuttle that was already powered up and the blaster fight broke out. Only the Lieutenant adn his pilot managed to escape. we took the Skipboat and after blowing a whole in the side of Jarek’s offices followed the shuttle in to orbit. We had manage to capture an Ensign with the Skipbat who told us the transmission codes to contact the “Badger”, the Empirial ship the pilot had been taken to. On the way Tamolin impersonated the Captain and told the ship to arrest the Lieutenant for treason and muitany. The Lieutenant had by that time taken over the “Badger” already. Meanwhile an Emirial Customs Corvette had turned up. We debated whether to take on the Corvette or go for the “Badger”. We ended up going for the “Badger” who captured us in its tractor beam. On request we powered down the ship and droids (In hind sight we did not need to power down the droids) and we taken in to the hold of the Badger.

Troopers and officers lined up to swarm the ship as soon as it landed. We prepared ourselves as the best we could with Picket hidding in one of the lockers with his blaster ready. The doors opened and Pay-Lee threw a grenade out in to the troops. initaiting the battle. It did not go quite as planned. We ended up taking them all out and using the Ion Cannons on the boat we took out the electronics of the Badger. THis in turn caused the Artifical gravity to stop. The Lieutenant had ordered the self destruct and to abandon ship. Tamolin leapt out in to the zero gee enviroment and found the pilot in his cell. She managed to get him back in time. We escaped the Badger just as it exploded only to face more imperial ships releasing TIE fighters.

The Pilot just woke up.


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