The bad-arse Ewok


Picket Scout 2/Scoundral 2

Score Modifier
Str 10 0
Dex 19 +4
Con 14 +2
Int 15 +2
Wis 8 -1
Cha 13 +1
Fort Ref Will Spd Init Per BA DamThrs
17 21 14 6 11 6 2 17
Climb 8
Endurance 9
Initiative 11
Perception 6
Stealth 21
Survival 11
Feats Talents
Shake it off Long Stride
Point Blank Shot Sneak Attack +1d6
Weapon Prof.(Pitols)
Precise Shot
Quick Draw
Skill Focus(Survival)
Skill Focus(Stealth)

Languges * Ewokese * basic Basic

Pistol +7 3d6+2
Grenade +6 4d6+2

Picket was born in Bright Tree Village 10BBY. As a wokling Picket became good friends with Weechee Warrick who was born around the same time. Later he also befriended among others Widdle Warrick, Wicket W.Warrick, Teebo, Latarra, Princess Kneesaa and later Winda Warrick.

Picket the Scout and Logrey Weechee and Picket went through the Festival of Hoods together and both became scouts for Bright Tree Village going on many advenures together. During this time Picket started to disagree with Logray’s methods of sacraficing beings to the gods. And starting to voice his opposition his resulted in being punished by Logrey and th older ewoks. Afterwards Weechee advised Picket that he should be quiet about hs oppinions to himself, when Picket started to refuse, Weechee quickley suggested telling them to the woklings that way he could influence change when enough other ewoks shared his beliefs.

Belt of Honor When Picket underwent his Skills Test he passed as a Warrior’s Apprentice, and was presented with his Belt of Honor. Picket was awarded the Silver Feather of Bravery on a scouting mission with Weechee, were Weechee was capture by a tribe of Duloks. Picket single handedly recued Weechee without the Duloks discovering that he was there. He also took a Dulok necklase that was lying in the hut that Weechee was being held in. Picket went alone to the Floating Mountain in order to obtain a crystal as his third item on his Bet of Honor, it was a mostly uneventful trip with Picket sneaking in taking a crystal and then sneaking out. When a Hanadak was threatening Bright Tree Village Picket went after it and wounded it by sneaking on it kiling it in its sleep he took a tooth for his belt. Picket later was instructed to find a special flower for Logrey, as is punshment for being outspoken against him, Picket set out alone as instructed to a distant forest. The forest happened to be near the witch Morag’s castle who managed to capture the ewok. Picket managed to escape and take a charm, a piece of jewelery, from Morag as his prise. After escaping Picket found the flower and started his trip home, on his way home h saw a fireball in the sky, striking not far from where he was, he decided to investigate. On reaching the object he discovered it to be a metal object that looked like a funny boat. He managed to find a way into to the small spacecraft, he found he only passenger to be already dead from a wound in her back. Picket buried the spacer and found a aquabreather as his last item on his Belt of Honor. When he returned to Bright Tree Village Picket became a warrior, and starting to announce himself as the Brave and Mighty Warrior Picket.

After this Picket was becoming more of an outsider from the tribe due to is opinion that sacrifices were wrong so he became banned from participating in all rituals. Picket started to only help the tribe when it was called for, usually from his friends or when the tribe realy needed him. Such as when Wicket needed help recovering the Sunstar from Doctor Raygar, an evil scientist for the Emperor, who believed he could build a weapon that could be used to defeat the Emperor an allow Doctor Raygar to become the new Emperor. And when Weehee asked him to help out the Warrck’s with the rescue of Mace and Cindal Towanni’s parents from Gorax.

After Wicket helped Noa leave Endor, Teek was ‘accepteed’ into the tribe, being painted with the same brush as Picket they became friends. It was Teek who taught Picket how to ‘trade’ with the ‘star people’.

Imperials Although the Imperials started an outpost on Endor the tribe decided to stay clear of the Imperials as it was clear they considered the Ewoks a pest or worse. But when the Imperials started there crimes against nature Picket decided they should be watched to see if they can be defeated. Evetually after sneaking around the Imperials with his friends he and Wicket saw an AT-ST fallon loose ground and explode when he fell on the ground, they both realised that the Imperials could be defeated. After Wicket told Chirpa about the AT-ST Picket helped to modify the traps used to protect the village from big animals for the ‘Big Not-Animals’. During the Battle of Endor Picket was one of the Ewoks to help Chewbacca capture an AT-ST and help destroy he Shield Generator.

After Endor After the victory party at Brigt Tree Village Picket decided he wanted to see what else was out in the universe and he decided that the Imperial needed to be fought elsewhere. He found among other things a Blaster Pistol amongst the fallen enemy and started practicing. Sowing away on one of the Rebel’s spacecraft he left Endor Hoping to retrn with enough ‘Magic’ to stop the sacrafices by Logrey and become the Bravest and Mightyest Warrior ever.


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