Kale Race

A pilot trained at the Imperial Academy, who defected to the Rebellion

Ability Score Mod Init Ref Fort Will
Str 12 +1 +12 22 18 20
Dex 19 +4
Con 12 +1 HP 55
Int 14 +2 TH 18
Wis 16 +3 Speed 6
Cha 15 +2

Medium Human scoundral 5/jedi 1

Ranged blaster pistol +8 (3d6+2)

Talents: Spacehound, Stellar Warrior, Starship Raider, Deflect

Feats: Dodge, Force Sensitive, Skill Focus (Pilot), Starship Tactics, Vehicular Combat, Weapon Proficiency (pistols, simple, lightsabers), Skill Training (Use the Force), Force Training

Starship Maneuvers: Talon Roll, Snap Roll, Race Dive, Skywalker Loop

Force Training: Swift Flank, Battle Strike, Vital Transfer, Surge

Skills: Knowledge (tactics) +10, Mechanics +10, Perception +11, Pilot +17, Stealth +11, Use Computer +10, Use the Force +10

Possessions: blaster pistol, flight suit, Comlink; long-range, Datapad, Tool kit

Modified V wing

Init: +15 Perception +11

Defence: Ref 19 (Dodge: 20) Fort 23 +3 Armour Vehicular Combat

Hp 80 DR 10 SR 15 Threshold:33

Fly 16/ 6 (starship scale)

Medium Laser Cannons +10 4d10×2 Photon Torpedoes (x3)+6 9d10×2

Fighting space 3×3 or 1 (starship scale)

Abilities: Str 36 Dex 18 Int 14

Initiative +14 Mechanics +9 (+13) Perception +6 Pilot +16 Use Computer +6(+13) *When Astromech is fitted

Crew: 1 + Astromech Pasengers 0

Cargo: 30kg

Consumables: 10 Hours

Hyperdrive: x1 with 2 jump memory Cost: Aprox 50,000


Kale was born on Coruscant on the day the Empire was declared and Order 66 was carried out. His believed that this was sign that the Empire was a rebirth and her son was to be an integral part of the new galactic order.

Kale grew up with his mother always reminding him of his date of birth and preaching to him the greatness of the Empire. Kale grew up in the S-93 Area of Coruscant, a poor area. His father worked in maintenance and worked on many Imperial buildings. As Kale grew up he fell in with the wrong crowd, but quickly showed an aptitude as a pilot, he joined the Greasers, a gang of speeder thieves who operated out of The Works.

By the time Kale was 15 he had made a name for himself as a good pilot, although he was known to be a little crazy. He always returned the mark, it was just sometimes it had a few extra dings.

He enjoyed flying the large variety of vehicles that he was required to steal, but his mother kept telling him that he was destined for great things. On his sixteenth birthday his mother told him she had a surprise for him. With that she handed him a letter stating he had been accepted to attend the Imperial Academy aptitude tests to see if he was Imperial Navy material.

Not wanting to disappoint his mother, Kale attended; a few days later Kale received confirmation that he had excelled in his test and was accepted into the Imperial Academy.

Kale excelled at the academy, the only mark against his record being a lack of discipline, which is quite a mark in the Imperial Navy. His instructors recognized that he was an exceptional pilot though and recommended that he be admitted to Flight School.

By the age of 17 Kale was stationed on board the Adversary in the training squad there. Once again proving his flying prowess he was fast tracked to active duty and took a seat in the Black Star Wing aboard the Star Destroyer Merciless. Kale loved flying, although he was a little wary of the manner in which the Imperial Navy was ordered to quell ‘pirates’ and ‘insurrectionists’.

It was not until nearing his 18th birthday that it would truly hit home for Kale. He was returning home to visit his parents, when he found that they had been arrested and his father killed. Imperial officers had received word on residents of S-93 that were sympathetic to the Rebellion. Orders were given to arrest the entire area. Official records stated that all residents were found to be rebel sympathizers and had worked to undermine the Empire.

Kale did some further research and found that at the trials the defendants were unable to speak in their defense and his father was killed due to his access to Imperial buildings. Disgusted by the Empire treatment Kale began to make some inquiries, he managed to make contact with a member of the Alliance. The Alliance had just been victorious at the Battle of Yavin and looking to find more pilots.

During his leave to visit Coruscant the Merciless had become damaged and Kale knew were it was to be stationed to be repaired. He made and agreement with the rebel agent that the Alliance would attack the Merciless while it was being repaired and he would defect to the Rebel Alliance.

The rebels attack the Merciless as planned and Kale taking a risk destroyed many of other Imperial fighters while launching, he was fired upon by the remaining Imperial fighters, taking damage Kale dumped all power to his engines, but not yet igniting them fully. He used every evasive maneuver he knew allowing the fighters to get closer. When they were within a few clicks Kale dumped his missiles and flares, delaying igniting the propulsion of missiles for a half second while he gunned his engines. The flares took off behind Kale’s fighter in the direction of the incoming fighters. The missiles locked on to the flares and also took off in that direction. This caused chaos for the incoming fighters with one missile even catching the wing of one, sending it spinning off and exploding. This chaos gave the rebel pilots a chance to close and make short work of the remaining fighters. The mission was a success and Kale had joined the Alliance.

Kale’s first request of the Alliance was that they rescue his mother, given his defection and the resounding success of the mission, Kale’s request was granted. They had to act fast information that was gathered said the Kale’s mother was currently in transit to an Imperial prison world and their best chance would be when the transport stopped to pick up criminals from the Farlax Sector.

The attack went smoothly with the transport not heavily guarded as the criminals aboard were deemed to be of little consequence. Kale was reunited with his mother, when she saw he was wearing an Alliance flight suit, she just nodded and said ‘It seems I was wrong son, you weren’t born on the day of the Empire to be a great part of it, but to oppose it, I see that now.’

Kale Race

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