Tyris Jen'taral

A wayward ascetic searching for truth


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

Tyris was born to a poor farming family on a backwater moon of the Suarbi system in 21 BBY; named after a local hero and protector, Nikkos Tyris. Plagued by raiders and enforcers for the local crime militia, the farm suffered until a wandering Rodian force practitioner, Jannik Nu, drove off the raiders and slew the crime boss. Sensing a strength in the force within the young Tyris, Nu took him as his apprentice.

Seeking an end to the self-imposed isolation of his order, Jannik Nu set off into the galaxy taking his young apprentice with him. On the planet of Ruusan he was ambushed by a group of Jedi hunters; sensing the ripples in the force just soon enough to send his apprentice away while he confronted the would-be assassins. Jannik Nu fought off the Jedi hunters but was subsequently cut down by the Hand of the Emperor, Rauth Dalm.

Alone and adrift in the galaxy, Tyris wandered from backwater world to backwater world improving his skills and seeking information on those who had killed his master, never staying in one place for more than a few days. Hardbitten and travel-weary he coveted the strength of purpose that seemed to come so easily to his former master. He helped those in trouble when he came across them, taking whatever they could afford as payment, and worked other jobs he was less proud of when necessary to secure his transport off-world. He struck against the Empire where he could, destroying small outposts on worlds where the local population’s spirit was willing, but their experience in insurrection was lacking. Always he avoided contact with the Rebel Alliance and was doubly sure to get off-world quickly if it turned out that a local revolt he had assisted had drawn the Rebellion’s interest.

Eventually his circuitous path brought him to the industrial world of Sluiss Van where he was tracking the renegade Girif Candobar, a descendant of the Sluissi Jedi Galen Candobar. A meeting with an informant named Janek turned out to be an Imperial trap and Tyris was seized and imprisoned for a year before being moved to a prison ship for transfer to a more secure facility on Kessel. The prison ship, however, never arrived at its destination….

Tyris Jen'taral

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