Girif Candobar


The Son of a the leader of the pro-republic faction of the Sluissi Congregete Huon Candonbar. Girif the second eldest of three brothers was always considered the “black sheep” of Candobars brood. As such he was sent on more backwater asighnments than his brothers. However following his brothers death whilst on a rebelion frigate during the battle of endor Girif found his father paying more atention to his actions.

Atention that though unwlecome Girif decided to use for his own ends. For it was during his travels that he had indeed come under the influence of shadowy people whilst also establishing himself as the leader of the Dark Serpent Pirate group.

Somewhere in his travels Girif had also learnt to turn his latent force sensitivity into overt usage of the dark side of the force.

But the question must be asked who trained him in such arts?

Girif Candobar

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