Barysten Hibs


Sluissi Male Lvl 4 lvl 2 Non Heroic Lvl 2 Scoundrel.

Age 24 Height 170 weight 70

Attributes St 10 Dex 12 Con 10 Int 17 Wis 14 Chr 12

Speed 6 Hp 18 THR 12

Fort 12 Ref 15 Will 14

Skills Acrobatics +2 Climb +1 Deception +2 Endurance +1 Gather Info +7 Initiative +2 Jump +1 Knowledge Technology +9 Mechanics +14 Perception +2 Persuasion +2 Pilot +7 Ride +2 Stealth +2 Survival +3 Swim +1 Treat Injury +3 Use Computer +14

Feats: Point Blank Shot Weapons Profiecency Pistols and simple. Skill Focus Mechanical (racial bonus) Skill Focus Computer Use. Tech Specailist

Talents: Hot Wire

Equipment: Credit Chip. Datapad(simple) ( Lost everything else when captured)


A talented Slicer and Mechanic who worked for some of the more disreputable Ship Yards on Sluis Van with his self customised Droid S0KT. The two worked a number of jobs including working on the slave systems etc on the phoenix, (a peice of “art” he was quite pleased with). As a youngling he dreamed of exploring the galaxy and working on all sorts of interesting ships in interesting places. So when aproached he agreed to join Girif Candobars Dark Serpent Gang. This relationship soured However when he “accidently on purpose” sabotaged the targeting systems of a Black Serpent vessel attacking the Pheonix because he didn’t want them to ruin some of his best work. Luckily for Barrysten and Socket the crew of the Phoenix were able to rescue them when they too were captured by Girif and subsequently broke out. As such when offered the chance to join the crew of the phoenix Barrysten readily agreed, partly to expolore the galaxy, partly to look after his “art” and partly for the credits.

Barysten Hibs

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