Kale's V-wing


Modified V wing

Init: +8 Perception +6

Defence: 15 Fort 23 +3 Armour Vehicular Combat

Hp 80 DR 10 SR 15 Threshold:33

Fly 16/ 6 (starship scale)

Medium Laser Cannons +6 4d10×2 Photon Torpedoes (x3)+6 9d10×2

Fighting space 3×3 or 1 (starship scale)

Abilities: st:36 Dex 18 Int 14

Initiative +8 Mechanics +6 (+13) Perception +6 Pilot +8 Use Computer +6(+13) *When Astromech is fitted

Crew: 1 + Astromech Pasengers 0

Cargo: 30kg

Consumables: 10 Hours

Hyperdrive: x1 with 2 jump memory Cost: Aprox 50,000


Updated by the Imperials to act as an “a-wing agressor” trainer this ship was stolen by Kale Race when he defected to the empire. It has since been flown on a variety of missions including the battle of Endor It now sports 4 tie (confirmed) and 2 Cloakshape kill markings. A number that is sure to grow.

Kale's V-wing

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