The Phoenix

Home sweet heavily armed home


Init +0 Sensors Perceptionv +9(Sensor Array +4 Sensor Enhancement +5)

Defence: 18 (Flat Footed 14) Fort 39 +16 Armour ( Armour+2) Vehicular Combat

HP:960 DR:15 SR:100 Threshold:139

Speed: 3 Fighting Space: 1 Square Base Attack+2 Grp+51

St:69 Dex:18 Con- Int:14

Ranged: Twin Light Turbolaser :Attack+2 3d10×5 Sheildbuster Torpedoes:Attack+2 10d10×2 ( Capacity 6 Current 2) Photon Torpedo :Attack+2 9d10×2 ( Capacity 10 Current 6) Concusion Missile(Medium):Attack+2 9d10×2 (Capacity 16 Current 10 inc 2 AP) Twin Ion Cannon Medium: Attack +2 5d10×2 Ion

Initiative:+0 Mechanics:+6 Perception:+9 Pilot+0 Use Computer +6

Crew: 4-10 using Slave systems


Cargo:750 Tons Consumables: 4 Months

Caried craft: 2x Starfighter type craft in modified salon pod 1x Docking Collar Aft

Hyperdrive: x2 Navicomp

Cost: aprox 1000,000

Additional equipment: Advanced Slave Circuts Jamming Suite

Phoenix Deck 1 Phoenix Deck 2 Phoenix Deck 3 Phoenix Deck 4


Modified by smuggler Talon Karde in the Sluis Van ship yards. The ship was “outsourced” to Paylee, Tamolin, Kayle and Picket to crew. How Talon got the ship in the first place and any prior history of the ship is as yet unkown.

The Phoenix

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