Flight of The Phoenix

The Ewok Interlude

Once everyone had returned the Alliance informed them that they needed them again. Huon had to go back to Sluis Van as soon as he could. He would be ready to leave the next day.

Picket told everyone that he had heard that some Ewoks had been taken away and were held as slaves by what was left of the Imperial presence on the moon of Endor. Unanimously the crew agreed to help these ewoks. Kale requisitioned a land transport vehicle and we all meet at the ewok village where Picket heard the news. He lead us to the base of a mountain range where some cave were discovered. The mouth of one cave had been sealed with blast doors. We had found the place. Picket and Kale took up position either side of the doors while Paylee, Tyris and Tamolin stayed in the tank and approached the doors. Two gun turrets popped up and started firing at the tank. Paylee fired back destroying one. Picket took the remaining one out with guns akimbo.

Tamolin suggested waiting for whoever was inside to come out rather than attempt to break the doors down. It turned out to be sound advise as the doors soon opened. Out strode two AT-PT’s. The battle started with one being quickly destroyed while Kale majestically lept on the top of the other one and shot the driver. The crew now had an AT=PT under their control. Could they be stopped at all?

With the Tank unable to fit inside the tunnels the AT-PT driven by Kale and Picket, lead the way with Paylee, Tyris and Tamolin following. Not far inside they met the first of the resistance. The AT=PT opened fire and Tyris did something that caused the large gun to leap off its tripod and land at his feet.

The tunnel way split soon after that with each side passage barricaded by more troopers. After Tyris used some unknown power and stole a loaded missile launcher the battle was quickly over. Moving forward the tunnel opened up into a huge room. Inside sat a large transport ship and two more AT-PT’s supported by many more troopers. The battle did not last long as Kale and Picket laid waste to their defences. Tyris ran forward and dispatched well placed blaster shots. One storm trooper survived. He was taken prisoner and the crew used the transport to take the AT-PT back to the Alliance.



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