Flight of The Phoenix

Enter the Race

The pilot finally wakes up and the team is sent to rescue a Sluissi

After waking up floating in a bacta tank, with very little reccollection of how he got there Kale was taken to meet the people who had rescued him.

After some fairly brief introductions, Talon Karde requested their assitance once again. The son of a prominent Sluissi had been abducted and would only be returned for the payment of a large sum of credits and the father’s withdrawl of support for the Galactic Alliance. He was being held on Nar Shardaa and the group was to meet up with the infamous Lando Calrissian, whom they would also transfer the X-Ray to.

The group was lacking a pilot and Kale was happy to help, especially in a task that would help the Alliance. As the The Phoenix didn’t have the onboard docking space for the X-Ray, Kale said he would take it into orbit, as he had already customised it to his liking on his last outing. When in orbit they would dock the ships together and travel through hyperspace. The launch and docking went without a hitch and the group decided to avoid the Imperial patrols on the direct route to Nar Shardaa and try their luck through the asteroid fields just outside the Nar Shardaa system.

The jumps before the asteroid field went smoothly and Kale had a chance to get to know the rest of the crew a little better, after waiting out the intial curiosity of the ewok, Picket, they seemed to get on quite well, though Pay-Lee is a little to serious…

It was decided that they would probably be most effective if Kale piloted his V-wing throguh the last jump into the asteroid field. It turned out to be a good decision, because as the ships dropped out of hyperspace they picked up a number of starships ahead and a distress signal coming from a cargo ship that was under attack by a group of pirates. The group made short work of the pirates and managed to capture one and his Z-95 headhunter. When the pilot awoke he made it clear that he was a member of the Dark Serpent gang and that the group had made a powerful enemy. Not wanting to listen to his ranting kale took a blaster, set it to stun, and shut him up.

The rest of the trip was uneventful and the group docked at the shipyards on Nar Shardaa. Meeting with Lando the group received instructions to get in contact with the group who had taken the Sluissi and went about making the neccesary preperations.

The group went to the meeting where they were given an address, not happy with the location they organised to have it held in a different location. Agreeing to meet at a deli on a mid-level of the city, the group hired a speeder and went to the meeting site.

Picket exited the speeder before they got to the site and approached on foot with Tamolin’s droid. Kale activated his comm-link for Fay to record the interaction with the group, as Pay-Lee wanted to attempt to persuade the captive pilot that he should join the group. After entering the building they were met by a shadowy figure who requested the money. The figure immediately recognised the credit chip for the fake it was and then revealed himself as none other than the Sluissi the group was sent to rescue. Forcing all of the group to sit with Force mind-trick, he told them of his disdain for the Alliance and how the whole abduction was a ruse to get his father to remove his support.

The group was throw into a cell next to Barysten Hibs and his droid S0KT (Socket). All this was heard by Picket and Fay, Picket decided to attempt a daring rescue. Meanwhile Kale and Barysten had figured out a way to allow Socket to bypass the jamming in the cells and get the access codes for the cell release.

Picket snuck around the back of the building and managed to find a smal window to sneak into the building. He made his way in and seeing the guard of the cells, took him out silently with a blaster set to stun. Picket made his way into the cell room and with a little help was able to enter the codes that Socket had discovered and let everyone out. The group quickly made it’s way to the store room and gathered their equipment. They saw out the window that the dark Force-user was leaving. Though just after his speeder took off a troop carrier showed up and a couple of gammoreans got out and were told to go get the prisoners. Tamolin disguised herself as the stunned guard and attempted to convince the guys coming to pick up the prisoners that they had escaped. The rest of the group was hidden in the closet and the Captain of the guards wanted to check in there. It ended messily for him. The group made a quick retreat through the window and hijacked the troop carrier.

Blocking the exit from the building with the speeder Kale took off over the buildings as soon as everyone was aboard. As he was taking off two speeder bikes took off in persuit. Kale managed to lose the bikes and found the speeder the force using Sluissi was in. Doing a daring loop to get behind the speeder the other members of the group attempted to shoot out the windows so they could get some grenades in the window. They managed to get one in, though there was a small amount of collateral damage. The Sluissi jumped from the wrecked speeder and onto the groups speeder, igniting his lightsaber he began cutting into the roof. Kale, not really wanting snakes on his motherf*ckin’ speeder, Barysten excepted, turned the speeder on its side and flew the top mere inches from a building, the Sluissi managed to jump clear, and before Kale could bring the speeder around for another pass, jumped to a lower level of the city.

The group decided to report the news to Lando. Lando decided it was best to let Master Skywalker know about the events that had transpired here. Not wasting anytime the group and Lando took off towards the Core Worlds. On one of their hyperspace stops the group ran into an old friend, Jarek. The group made short work on the enemy ships with Kale displying his dogfighting mastery by taking out two enemy starfighters in a matter of seconds. The group gathered the escape pods that had jettisoned and resumed its journey to the Core Worlds, though Jarek had managed to escape again.



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