Flight of The Phoenix



With everyone back on board the Phoenix and the newly freed prisoners packed in the cargo hold. The crew laid in the course and punched the Hyperdrive.

The ship rocked from a massive explosion. Something went wrong and the engine room was left in chaos. Tamolin quickly went to the prisoners to keep them calm. The last thing they needed was panic in a very confined space. Barysten managed to get the fire under control and enter the engine room. What he discovered rocked the crew again.

Sabotage. Someone had set a device to explode as soon as the Hyperdrive was activated. Kale and Paylee quickly searched the rest of the ship in an effort to locate more of these devices. Barysten and SoK-T got to work on repairing the drive the best they could. Paylee as Tamolins request worked the sensors to see if any ships were approaching. She reasoned that if some one went to the effort of stopping the ship then they also had summoned someone to pick them up. With the ship a virtual sitting duck any attaching force would take them over with ease.

While the search took place Tamolin spoke to some of the prisoners to see if she could find out who placed these devices while Picket kept an eye on them. Most of the prisoners mentioned rumours of brothers who collaborated with the guards back in the prison and pointed to a weasel of a man and his very large brother. Tamolin pulled the weasel aside to see if she could find out any additional information from him. She was not successful and he was released back in to the crowd.

Kale meanwhile had found a discarded Datapad in the rubbish pile. It had been completed destroy so no data could be retrieved from it. Using the ships security cameras they found that an R2 droid had been wondering the ship almost undetected. There were places were the R2 unit had not been recorded. Kale and Paylee located the droid and found its memory had been erased. Whoever had done this knew their way around and how to work very quickly. Kale and Paylee found more devices.

Tamolin briefly spoke to Huon honestly about the situation. Huon assisted where he could but was not trusted enough to be spoken to. Tamolin did spot one prisoner who was acting very suspiciously. She approached Tyris and ask him what he knew about the devices. Like the other prisoners he told of rumours about the brothers.

Tamilon asked Picket to herd the weasel man back in to a new room for further questioning. She went back to her room and changed in to the uniform of an Imperial Officer. Her idea was to confuse the weasel in to blurting out information. However she never got back to the prisoner.

Kale did find one more device in the cockpit of his V-Wing fighter. The ships alarms shrieked out while Paylee was in the bridge. She saw a large Imperial Frigate jump out of Hyperspace and launch fighters and heavy transport shipsYelling down the coms units we all had she informed the crew. Luckily Kale was in a position to get his fighter in to the fray quickly. Tamolin jumped to the bridge (still in her Imperial uniform) and help Paylee fight them off using the ships weapons. Barysten kept repairing the Hyperdrive and let everyone know he needed just a little while longer to fix it. The crew needed to keep the Imperials off the Phoenix. Kale flew right in to the maw of the fighters and took a quite a few of them out. His reputation as one of the best pilots was proven like never before. However tractor beams locked onto the Phoenix stopping it from leaving the area. Together Taomlin and Paylee destroyed one of the transport vessels spreading troopers across the black void. But it was a fruitless effort as more fighters and transports left the looming Frigate. There was no fighting them off. They would be captured, unless Barysten fixed the Hyperdrive in time. Tamolin quickly programmed a hyperump in the nav-computer. Kale received a copy of the co-ordinates. One transport managed to dock onto the Phoenix and started to cut its way in. Tamolin, in the guise of an Imperial Officer, got Paylee to lock her in one of the rooms so she might have a chance of finding a way to free everyone else later.

While this happened another Prisoner Tyris spoke to the weasel’s brother and found out that it was in fact them who placed the bombs. Tamolin heard Tyris’s voice in her mind stating exactly that.

Storm troopers swarmed inside the ship. Kale told the prisoners to cram themselves in to the escape pods. He had a plan. He looped around the Phoenix evading the chasing Tie Fighter while the crew onboard closed as many of the airtight doors as possible. This in turn delayed the Storm Troopers from taking the ship too quickly and sealed the air in the crews and prisoners areas. Tamolin unfortunately while faking unconsciousness had been discovered by the Troopers and a medic was going over her. The door was open. Kale blew a hole in the Imperial transport vessel. The deep void of space sucked the air from both the Transport and the areas the troopers had secured. Tamolin managed to hold herself in the room while all the troopers were sucked out. She locked the rooms door again sealing what little air was left. The ships life support kicked back in to fill it. Barysten had repaired the Hyperdrive and activated it once more escaping the closing claws of the Empire once more.

The bad news to this was that the Imperial transport was still attached to the Phoenix. The jump to Hyperspace tore it off and the torment of Hyperspace ripped a great hole on the underside of the Phoenix. Back in normal space Barysten believed that the ship could handle the two more jumps it took to get to Endor. We took the risk and made the jumps. Each tore the whole larger and larger. With each jump the chance that Tamolin, who was stuck in the room, would be engulfed by space. She was greatly relieved when they entered the Endor System. Once in the dry dock she left the room by way of a small temporary airlock.

Lando greeted the crew and welcomed them back to safety. The Rebel Alliance was very pleased to have Huon back and as payment for services they would be repairing the Phoenix free of charge. Tamolin agreed to this.

Some RnR was now called for.

Each went their separate ways.

Please add what each of you did in this area.

Tamolin mainly spoke with Lando and received delivery of the Nightingale. The new ship that Lando agree to provide Tamolin for services and information.

Tamolin approached Tyris and after a brief discussion offered him a place aboard the Phoenix.



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